Sleeping better and living life to the fullest starts with us.

It all started when our founder was looking for a new mattress. All that he found were overpricing products and complicated buying processes. This frustrating experience led him to an idea. It was time to revolutionize the sleep industry and make great nights of sleep accessible to everyone. This is how Emma turned into reality.

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Sleep expertise meets advanced technologies

At Emma, we have the constant drive to improve the way people sleep. With the help of patented technologies and the experience of our in-house team of sleep experts, we create the best sleep solutions for you.
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Best product quality recognized with awards and praise

Our awards motivate us to keep developing the best-performing products and making sure that millions of people can enjoy them. For that we offer convenience and safe buying, good value for money, and a wide selection of products.
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Product excellence leads to happy customers

With the latest foam technologies and only the best British materials, we ensure the high-quality standard of our products. We believe that better sleep leads to a better you. And we know we’re on the right path with millions of great customer reviews around the world.
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Our Team

Emma brings together creators, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers to revolutionize the sleep industry.
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