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Emma Pillows - Thermoregulating and adjustable

Thermoregulating and adjustable

The most innovative design with ThermoSync® technology. Our Premium Foam Pillow not only helps you achieve a restful sleep without heat or night sweats, but also has different foam layers that can be adjusted as needed. Replace the different layers to adjust the firmness or remove a layer to adjust the height.

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Emma Pillows - The safe and easy choice

The safe and easy choice

Enjoy undisturbed sleep thanks to the open cell foam that enhances airflow and a moisture-resistant cover that's machine washable too. When your pillow allows air to flow, you get a deeper and more restful sleep because it’s not stuffy around you and you can breathe more freely.

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Emma Original Microfibre Pillows - Soft but never flat

Soft but never flat

Our original microfibre pillows feel pleasantly soft and your head gently sinks into them. It supports your head in any sleeping position and does not flatten. You can enjoy yourself every night as comfortably as you did the first day.

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Emma's Pillow Collection

Ultimate comfort for a more relaxing night

Using an unsuitable pillow can lead to uncomfortable sleep. The Emma pillows are designed to meet your unique needs and are designed to combat neck discomfort. The customisable layers allow personalised adjustments for height and firmness. Additionally, our pillows come with removable and washable covers to prevent dust, bacteria, and sweat buildup.

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