Elevate your sleep with an Emma Topper

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Prolong your old mattress’ lifetime

Your mattress has been a supportive ally to your sleep for years. But what if you’re not ready to kiss it goodbye yet? Our Emma Toppers are the lifesavers you are looking for: put them on top of your mattress to prolong its lifetime.
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Upgrade your comfort

Feeling like you’re missing something in your ideal sleeping experience? What are you waiting for? Top up your Most Awarded Emma Mattress with our toppers to experience comfort at its finest.
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Top Notch

The best quality for you

Worrying about maintenance? Fear not because we made the cover easily removable and washable, making it perfect for sleepers with allergies. As the cherry on top, it is also 100% vegan and animal-testing free.

A true worry-free sleeping experience.

Emma Matratzen
Emma Matratzen


Boosting Sleep through our App

Understand why you sleep badly and get clear instructions from our highly personalised AI sleep coach on how to improve your personal sleep. Unlike the sleep apps you're used to - guaranteed.
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