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Our Mattress Types & Materials


Thermoregulation technology

Our premium range features cutting-edge Premium ThermoSync® technology. Infused with graphite particles, it absorbs excess heat, ensuring you enjoy the highest quality sleep possible.

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Hybrid Mattress

Improve your sleep experience with our Hybrid mattress – a perfect blend of foam and spring technology. Designed for sleepers who tend to sweat, it offers unmatched breathability and weightless comfort.

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Foam Mattresses

Experience great support and comfort with our foam mattress, crafted primarily from memory foam. Designed to cater to all sleepers, it ensures a night of restful sleep for everyone.

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Unrivaled Comfort & Support for Renewed Energy

Expertly Crafted Mattresses

As experts in the field, we understand the vital role a mattress plays in your sleep experience. We specialize in creating highly comfortable & supportive mattresses. Our focus is on how the mattresses feel, considering factors like spinal alignment, pressure points, optimal temperature maintenance, and ensuring a restful sleep, leaving you refreshed and prepared to conquer the day.

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Our Mattresses in Different Sizes

Emma Mattress Size Guide

One of the most important decisions you will have to make when buying a new mattress is which mattress size to choose. Emma created a size guide to help you find the right mattress size for you!

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Emma Matratzen
Emma Matratzen

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