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Our Mattresses

Find the best mattress that is suitable for you and your needs by comparing below!

Our mattress types and materials

Thermoregulation technology

Emma has developed a premium range with Diamond degree technology, which, by containing graphite particles, absorbs excess heat and provides quality sleep.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid means that it is a mix of foam and spring and is best for sleepers that tend to sweat.

Foam Mattresses

Our foam mattress is mainly made out of memory foam which are the best for easy sleepers.

How it feels

It's frustrating wondering whether tonight will be a battle or a good rest. But here's where things get better. Because our Sleep Experts have designed solutions that tackle all the things that keep you up at night.
A true worry-free sleeping experience.
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Mattress FAQs

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How will the mattress be packed and shipped?

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How does the 100-Night Trial work?