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Tired of neck pain?

You're not alone. 45% of the population say they have suffered from neck pain in the past year.*
Curious about getting rid of your neck pain? Read through to identify its causes and finally get rid of it.

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Poor neck posture

The fact that we often tilt our heads forward is one of the most common causes of neck, headache and shoulder pain. Did you know that every time you tilt your head forward by 2.5 cm, your neck has to compensate for 4.5 kg more weight? For example, if you look at your mobile phone and tilt your head 7.6 cm forward, the weight of the head on the neck increases by 13.6 kg and the pressure on the muscles by 6 times. If the spinal tissue is exposed to considerable pressure over a longer period of time, it deforms. Under certain circumstances, this can become chronic.

How can we help you?

All our pillows are designed to support the head in the right way and relieve the neck. Many of our pillows are designed in such a way that you can adapt them individually to your body and your sleeping position.

Does your pillow ensure the right neck posture during sleep?

Do you have neck pain after waking up? Have you ever wondered if your pillow is right for you? Studies from Harvard Medical School have shown that your sleep quality depends on whether your pillow fits your sleeping position. Depending on how you lie, you will need a different support to keep your neck and spine straight.

How do you solve your neck pain?

Mobilise and stretch

Yes, we know that sitting is comfortable. But standing up for 30 seconds from time to time helps to loosen your muscles or stretch the neck in between. To do this, pull the head forward and squeeze the shoulder blades in the back.

Maintain a healthy posture

Whether you sit or stand places a big impact on your posture. Avoid sitting with your legs crossed for too long. If you sit for more than 3 hours a day with your legs crossed, this can lead to a shoulder inclination and a forward-facing head posture.

Invest on the right pillow

We spend about a third of our time sleeping. That's why choosing a pillow that supports your head in the right way is very important. Better use the time in your sleep to correct your posture so you don't suffer from poor posture because of a wrong pillow.

What can you do?

Always choose the pillow that gives you the right support for your sleeping position.

For abdominal sleepers, it is important to choose a thinner pillow that supports the neck without overstretching it.

Back sleepers should take special care when choosing their pillow that the nose points upwards to prevent the neck from overstretching.

For side sleepers, it is important to choose a thicker pillow that balances the extra distance between the head and mattress to keep the spine straight.

Our Emma Original Pillow and Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow are individually adaptable and offer you the right amount of support in every sleeping position. All you have to do is adjust the number of inner layers of the sleeping position.

Here's how you can adjust the layers of our Emma Original Pillow to suit your sleeping position.

If you sleep on your stomach, you can use only one layer. Depending on your preference, you have the choice between a softer or a firmer layer.

If you sleep on your back, it's best to take out the middle layer. You may also want to remove a second layer. Try it out for a few nights.

If you sleep on your side, just leave the 3 layers in the pillow. This gives you the right amount of support to ensure your spine stays straight throughout the night.

At Emma, we take sleep quality seriously.

We have developed a range of pillows that provide optimal support regardless of your sleeping position.

With the right pillow, your sleep can restore proper posture, relieve neck pain, and help you wake up rested.

We offer you a risk-free 30 night money-back guarantee, so you have plenty of time to try out your new pillow.