Introducing Emma Sleep Holidays

What is a sleep holiday?

Sleep holidays are the latest tourism trend that prioritise rest and rejuvenation as the core elements of your vacation.

They provide an escape from daily routines by immersing holidaymakers in natural environments that promote relaxation and restoration.

To help make your sleep holiday dreams come true, we'll be introducing Emma Sleep Holidays later this year.

And for those who can't wait until then, you can enter now to win the first ever Emma Sleep Holiday!


We're in need of a great sleep holiday!

We partnered with Appinio to find out exactly how we feel about sleep on holiday. The results show that the thing people miss most when they go on holiday is their bed (41%) and while 77% of us would love to go on a ‘sleep holiday’, only 18% have done so. What's more, a whopping 98% of people considering good sleep to be a vital component of a holiday, so it's easy to see why sleep tourism is a booming trend.

Making sleep holiday dreams come true

Keep your eyes peeled later this year for the launch of Emma Sleep Holidays: unique, restful getaways designed by our Sleep Experts, to help you get some much needed vacation shut-eye. Can't wait until then? Keep scrolling to find out how you can enter for a chance to win the very first Emma Sleep Holiday!

What our Sleep Experts say

Our Sleep Experts believe that a sleep holiday offers an array of benefits by considering the intricate connections linking sleep, brain function, and hormonal balance. Several scientific studies indicate that exposure to natural environments improves sleep quality by regulating our hormone balance. On top of that, natural settings decrease cortisol levels - the primary stress hormone - thereby improving sleep and overall well-being.
"Sleep tourism helps people step away from daily stressors and rediscover the essential need for restful sleep. By prioritizing relaxation and connecting with nature, individuals can achieve better cognitive function, emotional balance, and overall well-being,”

Theresa Schnorbach, Psychologist and Sleep Expert at Emma - The Sleep Company


One lucky person has already won an Emma Sleep Holiday!

Our competition to win the first ever Emma Sleep Holiday has now closed. One lucky winner will be enjoying some holiday shut-eye really soon. Keep your eyes peeled for information on how you could be next.
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