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  • Unsatisfactory support service

    From Raksha Patel

    Please think before you order from this company as their support service and delivery service is terrible. I ordered two items together and both are firstly delivered separately and secondly there is no prior notice given of the date they will be delivering. After put me through a lot of stress in organizing the delivery they offered to give me one of their pillows, which of course I have still not received after a month later. Now they are not even responding to my emails so not sure if they will be responsive if something is wrong with the items which means the guarantee is valueless! I do not recommend using this company as plenty out there that are better!

    • Sleeping on Side
    • 6 Sleeping hours per night
    • Alone
    • 60 years old
  • So far so good...

    From Joanna Wharton

    This is the first non-sprung mattress I have bought. I have to say I was a little reluctant at first, but, as Emma offer a 100 day money back guarantee, I felt I had nothing to lose.

    I placed our order on Boxing Day, so delivery was slightly delayed. However, once it arrived it was easy to unpack and assemble. The enclosed cutter means you can open the plastic cover safely without damaging the mattress. Once opened, there was a slight chemical smell to the mattress, but that went quickly.

    I have to be honest and say that on the first night, I found the mattress too warm and soft. I was worried I’d made the wrong choice, but I think I was just getting used to it because, by the third night, I found the mattress so comfortable and now I love it!

    My children love the mattress too, so I may well be ordering a couple more in the coming months!

    • Sleeping on Side
    • 7 Sleeping hours per night
    • With partner
    • 41 years old
  • Thanks

    From Ly Nguyen

    The mattress is a very good quality, comfortable and bespoke luxury looking, unfortunately it’s a bit soft for me so i have to return it, but their customer service is excellent, quick answer and sort everything out straight away. Best customer service I’ve experienced so far. Many thanks Emma’s team.

    • Sleeping on Back
    • 7 Sleeping hours per night
    • With partner
    • 35 years old
  • Excellent

    From David Miles

    We received our mattress yesterday (as scheduled) and had our first night's sleep on it last night. Excellent! Somewhat firm but not too firm and as a Sciatica sufferer no pain during the night nor this morning. Extremely impressed with the mattress and the service. Absolutely no complaints and no hesitation in recommending Emma.

    • Variable Sleeping
    • 6 Sleeping hours per night
    • With partner
    • 47 years old
  • Helpful but...

    From NotCustomer NotCustomer

    Due to back surgery we KNoW my partner needs a firmer mattress. A firming later is offered as an option after you complain. Better you offer this as an option at point of sale. This has cost you a sale.

    Too rigid process in customer handling.

    • Sleeping on Side
    • 7 Sleeping hours per night
    • With partner
    • 40 years old
  • Best I’ve had!

    From Sharon Davies

    Didn’t realise just how much my old mattress was due for replacement till I tried this one!
    Very comfortable, it is firm without being hard. I look forward to going to bed now! Thoroughly recommend!

    • Sleeping on Belly
    • 7 Sleeping hours per night
    • Alone
    • 50 years old
  • Don’t hesitate, BUY

    From Wendy Jordan

    I have for many years suffered back pain in bed and trying to get up in the morning especially the latter years is very painful. I have heard a lot about these type of mattresses so was a little unsure whether to purchase one, when I saw this was Which recommended and you had so long to try it out, I decided I had nothing to lose. Well it was amazing and I could not believe it but since receiving and using and so many months down the road, NO BACK pain at all and sleeping so much better. I personally could not smell anything from the mattress as others had but had to get hold of customer services only about the cover not the mattress at all and the customer services are second to none, so don’t hesitate you won’t regret it.

    • Sleeping on Belly
    • 7 Sleeping hours per night
    • Alone
    • 65 years old
  • Excellent Mattress, shame about the collection service!!!

    From Shaun Crause

    Recieved my new Emma mattress just about a week ago. I love it, one of the best purchases I have ever made - it is like sleeping on a cloud.
    I also ordered the Emma Mattress protector and removal of my old mattress. The first of which I am not sure I should have bought and the second of which I wish I never did.
    The Mattress protector is VERY tight over the mattress and because of this the corners and the shope of the mattress is slightly distorted - hopefully this will selttle over time.
    The collection of the old Mattress, well what a big mistake - when ordering my Mattress it was made clear that the old one would be collected within two days of the new one arriving - well it took a week (after delivery of the new one) for collection to be arranged - all this time the old Mattress was in my flat - so comes collection day and I get a text message saying the collection vehicle has broken down - I took the morning off work to be here for the collection now I am told it will be another day for collection - another day wasted by poor service.
    Such a pity that this excellent product is brought down by shoddy service from rubbish suppliers. I would have given 5 stars otherwise.

    • Sleeping on Side
    • 8 Sleeping hours per night
    • Alone
    • 55 years old
  • Our new mattress

    From Sharon Canner

    We received our mattress well within the estimated delivery time. It was so easy to move the box up the stairs to the bedroom and open the mattress straight onto the bed. The mattress is amazing... no more back pain when i get up and it is soooo comfortable. Really glad we invested in this new mattress... would definitely recommend.

    • Variable Sleeping
    • 9 Sleeping hours per night
    • With partner
    • 57 years old

    From Mel Burton

    For the last year I’ve experienced awful back pain, I then started to think it was my spring based mattress and it was, I came across Emma, not only has my sleep pattern and comfort of sleeping improved greatly I’m at ease whilst I sleep. The Emma mattress is great for comfort, activity and also peace of mind. The quality is amazing. I literally can talk about how wonderful this product is. This is an investment and it’s worth every single penny.

    • Sleeping on Side
    • 5 Sleeping hours per night
    • With partner
    • 30 years old
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