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The Emma A - Z everything you need to know about mattresses

Get €25 with your friend referral

Helping your friends get the healthiest night's sleep pays off!

  • How does Refer a Friend work?

    First create an account, where you will find a discount code of €25 for you to share with up to 8 friends. Your friends can then use the code to get €25 off their purchase of an Emma mattress. Once your friend has passed their 200 night trial, you will get 25€ straight to your bank account.

  • When do I get the €25 and when will my friend receive their €25?

    Your friend will get their €25 discount when they purchase an Emma mattress using the voucher code you have shared with them. You will receive your €25 at the end of your friend's 200 night trial. All you have to do is update your bank details in your Emma account, and you will then get your 25€ reward straight to your bank account.

  • What details am I supposed to submit to get my €25?

    Please make sure to update your banking details in your Emma account. You will get your 25€ reward once your friend has passed their 200 night trial.

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